Penn-Cumberland Garden Club

You are invited to participate in the Penn- Cumberland Garden Club Annual Scholarship and Community Projects Benefit to be held Monday, December 2, 2019. The benefit will be held in the ballroom at the Radisson Convention Center, 1150 Camp Hill by-pass, Camp Hill, PA 17011.

Vendors can set up Monday after 7: 00AM. Set up must be completed by 8:30 AM. This event is attended by approximately 300 shoppers. Shoppers will begin arriving at 9:00 AM. Vendors should not break down booths before lunch but can take down displays during lunch which starts at 12:00 PM or at the close of the benefit at 3:00 PM. Please do not take down displays during the presentation. Vendors are welcome to purchase a ticket to join us for lunch. Each exhibitor is responsible for cleaning up their booth area.

Booths are $30 and can accommodate a 6 foot table. A double booth is available for $60. Vendors can bring their own 6 foot table or rent a skirted 6 foot table from the Radisson for an additional $30. Two chairs will be provided. You must supply your own electrical cord, if desired. Your booth display should reflect and enhance the quality of your work/items. Back – up stock, boxes, etc. should be stored out of sight under the table which has a skirt to the floor. Vendors are required to pay Pennsylvania sales tax.

A $35 fee will be charged for returned checks.

Submission of your application conveys your agreement to these terms and conditions. Your canceled checks will indicate receipt of your application.

The Penn-Cumberland Garden Club, its members and officers, shall not be held liable for damages for the loss or injury caused by products sold or exhibited by vendors. Insurance for such loss, damages or injury shall be the sole responsibility of each vendor at their own cost.

Penn-Cumberland Garden Club reserves the right to limit the number of like applicants. You will be notified by email of acceptance. If we are filled, your check will be returned. Once accepted, there will be no refunds; even if you do not appear on the day of the benefit.

We hope that you will join us for this event. Please contact us if you have questions. We look forward to your participation. Thank you in advance for participating in this worthwhile event.
For more information, please contact: Sue Kent: 717-732-9818

The Penn-Cumberland Garden Club is a 501© (3) organization registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
Dept. of State, Bureau of Charitable Organizations, PO Box 8723 Harrisburg, PA 17105

DECEMBER 2, 2019

Name of Vendor/Email and/or Phone ________________________________________

Name of Company _____________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________

Phone ________________________________________________________

Please describe your craft or product _______________________________



_____ Check here if electrical outlet is needed. Vendor provides own cord.

_____ 10 ft. area with 2 chairs @$30.00 each $________

_____ 6 ft. skirted table provided by Radisson (optional) @ $30 $________

_____Ticket to Luncheon (optional) $38.00 each $________

Check enclosed payable to Penn-Cumberland Garden Club. $________
Mail application and fee to: Sue Kent
5855 Wertzville Road
Enola, PA 17025
For more information,call: Sue Kent 717-732-9818

The Penn-Cumberland garden Club is a 501© (3) organization registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Dept. of State, Bureau of Charitable Organizations, PO Box 8723 Harrisburg, PA 17105