The dedication of the membership generates funds which are returned to the community by the allocation process.  The allocation committee is charged with assuring the funds granted to organizations coincide with the purpose statement of PCGC.  The determination of recipients will be announced at our December meeting.  In the spirit of inclusiveness, all members are encouraged to offer written and signed suggestions of organizations beginning in September and until the end of October for consideration of an award.

Following the GCFP Awards Manual, ensure that all PCGC applications/books of evidence are submitted correctly and by deadlines.  This includes District IV, GCFP, CAR and NGC awards.

The Benefit will be held Monday, November 27, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel.  “Seasons and Celebrations of the Land” will feature holiday shopping, luncheon, raffles and a program by Kirk Brown.

The proceeds from the Benefit are used for community landscaping and beautification projects, area horticulture student scholarships, garden therapy work, and the purchase of garden-and floral design related books for local libraries.

To ensure a successful Benefit and to support volunteers, a booklet of Benefit Chairman duties was published.

This committee seeks to learn about responsible stewardship with a focus on birds, butterflies and wildflowers.  Trip events are planned each year to which all PCGC members and guests are welcome.  All members contribute cancelled commemorative postage stamps to benefit The Florida Audubon Center for Birds of Prey to help offset their costs for care and rehabilitation of injured raptors.  Please mark your calendars for upcoming trips:

Book selections for the past year were made by the three libraries in our area that we support.  Checks are delivered in person to each library.  All books have book plates indicating that PCGC donated the books.  Each library also received books in memory of Doris Blouin and Roberta Smith. Libraries receiving books are Cleve J. Fredricksen Library, New Cumberland Library, and Joseph Simpson Library.

The Civic Beautification Committee carries out landscape and beautification projects in our communities.  Accredited landscape design consultants in the club provide garden designs.

Projects include maintaining containers at Camp Hill Borough Building, the Frankenburger Tavern Garden in Mechanicsburg, the Ruth Greiner Memorial Garden at New Cumberland Library, refreshing container plantings at New Hope Ministries for three seasons and adding hostas and labels to a demonstration garden in Adams Ricci Park.

A dawn redwood will be planted at Trails and Trees Environmental Center to honor past president, Judy McGinnis.  Joyce Wallen, past president, chose a cypress which will be planted at the New Cumberland Library.  Trees will also be planted in honor of Perennial Bloom recipients, Sue Daugherty, who chose a river birch and Susan Wilder, who chose a pond cypress.  Both of these trees will be planted and dedicated at the Trails and Trees Environmental Center.

The Communications Committee forwards email or phones non-email members with information from the President, board members, publicity chairman, and sunshine chairman.

The Ames Community Gardens in Shiremanstown has completed its seventh year with our help.  These gardens provide 129 raised bed garden plots for families to grow their own vegetables in a protected environment.  Committee members, made up of Penn-Cumberland members and some of the gardeners, oversee the operation of these gardens by handling applications, assigning plots and communicating with the gardeners and Ames personnel to keep the gardens operating efficiently.  Committee members serve as advisors, inspecting plots on a weekly basis and offering assistance as needed.  We also maintain the special plantings and coordinate the donation of vegetables to New Hope Ministries.

Educational “Garden Talks” are planned and held in the gardens on selected evenings.  The public is invited to join the gardeners as we bring lawn chairs or blankets and gather around the gazebo to learn from garden experts and to share ideas.  These gardens are a community success story that resulted from the vision of the Ames Company in 2011, bringing many diverse families together to cooperate and learn from each other.  A Community Enrichment Award was presented to the Ames Community Gardens from the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society in 2011.  We are proud of our part in this community success story!

We support natural resource protection, clean air, pure water and fertile soil.  We promote toxic-free landscapes and work to improve and enhance life support systems for wildlife and people. 

We celebrate Pennsylvania Bird Day on March 21, Earth Day on April 22, Arbor Day on April 27 and World Environment Day on June 5.  Contact chairman to register your Wildlife or Pollinator Habitat.

Join us for special conservation discovery meetings.  Guest speakers are often invited to discuss current issues regarding the environment.  Bring your curiosity and your beverage mug.  We meet at the Camp Hill Presbyterian Church at 23rd and Walnut Streets, hospitality at 9:15 AM, discussions from 9:30-11:30 AM.  All members and guests are welcomed.   See monthly meeting information for specific dates.

Each month they are collecting used eyeglasses/sunglasses for the Lions or Rotary; 2018 calendars for the Veterans Hospital; children’s nature books; used and unused greeting cards for Garden Therapy; games, cards, coloring books and crayons for servicemen; cell phones for domestic violence victims; crunchy paper and hard plastic.

Promoting the safe disposal of Pharmaceuticals – call your municipality; useable household items to Mission Central or New Digs (620-9735 or 766-1533); unusable items to Claremont Barn.

They promote less lawn more garden without invasive plants, the use of personal beverage containers instead of plastic bottles; natural organic pest control instead of toxic lawn treatments nor systemic herbicides and pesticides; buying items from reused materials and creating a wildlife habitat.

The Floral Designers Guild is members interested in learning how to arrange flowers according to the ‘Principles and Elements of Design’ as explained in the NGC Handbook for Flower Shows.  Join us as we learn how to create arrangements and designs using a variety of garden flowers, purchased flowers, greens and other plant material.  Beginners as well as advanced designers are welcome.  The Guild provides centerpieces and designs for special club events, area business and with flowers donated by area grocery stores to Homeland Hospice patients.

The Floral Designers Guild meets for workshops at 10:30 AM on the second Monday of the month.  Please bring a container, pruners and plant material to each workshop to make an arrangement.  An arrangement of the month, created by anyone, will be placed on the white pedestal at the regular meeting.  Design of the month is created by a member of the Floral Designers Guild and placed in the rear of the room.

PCGC has an account with a wholesale floral supplier: Zieger & Sons Inc., 2300 Woodlawn St, Harrisburg, PA 17104, (800) 245-2175..  Zieger’s has lower prices and a huge variety.  Specific flowers can be ordered at least three weeks in advance.  At checkout you tell them the account is for Penn-Cumberland Garden Club.

A self-guided tour of Mechanicsburg’s gardens is planned for
July 14, 2018.  This will be one of our fundraisers.

The Annual Berta P. Reppert Herb Tea will be held Monday, May 21, 2018.  Fifty-three years ago, Bertha Reppert organized an Herb Tea held every spring.  Bertha was PCGC’s president from 1965 to 1967, founder of the Rosemary House and author of several books on herbs.

This year’s program is “A Cottage Garden Herb Tea” presented by Patricia Stull.  Patricia is an Artist from Harrisburg.

The Herb Tea Committee selects dishes with herbs and presents recipes to members at the January and February meetings.  Members volunteer to prepare the food, which is served family style.  Table centerpieces are created by the Floral Designers Guild.  Preregistration is requested.  Guests are welcome for a donation of $10.00

Horticulture is the science and art of cultivating plants.  During each meeting, a member shows and discusses a Plant of the Month and a member provides a Horticultural Hint.  Club meeting programs, workshops and demonstrations are another way we learn about growing plants.  We tour gardens of club members and the community, and have other garden and nature related tours.  Our participation in the Horticultural Division of the District IV Flower Show encourages members to exhibit their plants and visit the flower show.  Our members receive formal horticultural training by attending NGC Flower Show Schools and Gardening Study Schools.

Establish Horticulture Hints and Help (HHH) question/answer program, and include in newsletter.

This committee is responsible for the lunch provided at regular meeting.  Each PCGC member is asked to provide reusable place settings, napkins and cutlery for themselves and their guests at meetings, except for April Herb Tea.  Please avoid using paper products.  Since the kitchen will not be available for washing dishes, members are asked to bring something to take their used dirty dished home.  The hospitality committee assists in the setup and cleanup for every meeting.  They are responsible for monitoring the food service at each meeting.

The September and June meetings are covered dish luncheons.  Members are asked to bring 6 to 8 servings of food to share.  Put your name on each serving piece.

Other months each PCGC member (except Associates) is assigned to provide 48 servings of sandwiches, salad or dessert (or soup in January) for at least 30 (other suggestions welcome), with two 4” x 6” cards listing the ingredients.  All food must be cut into serving sizes and placed in two serving dishes.  Refrigeration is available.  Hot food should be brought in a crockpot or an insulated container.

See the monthly pages for your name.  If you are unable to serve, find a replacement and notify Fern Oram (737-3512 or  The members of hospitality monthly list should be at the kitchen by 9:30 AM and will either set up or clean up after the lunch.

Membership maintains a current list of members and accepts applications for new members.  At regular meetings, membership keeps the attendance list, distributes nametags, welcomes guests and collects fees for guests.  The membership chairman is in charge of the greeters and shall instruct greeters in being helpful and welcoming.  When a new member joins, she will be given a Yearbook, a coffee mug (as long as they are in inventory) and a membership pin.  Membership pins are purchased from T.D. Mills Promotional Products, 1020 Cocoa Ave., Hershey, PA 17033.  A membership tea will be held to inform new members about PCGC.

Our newsletter is “The Flower Press”.  The newsletter editor compiles, edits and distributes a newsletter for September/October, November/December, January/February, March/April and May/June.  Committee chairmen are responsible for submitting articles and event dates by the newsletter deadline.  Members with email receive a PDF color copy; others receive a black and white printed copy.  The newsletter can also be found on our Website.  Newsletter deadlines: February 1, April 1, August 15, October 1, and December 1.

The photographers take pictures of all club activities for the newsletter, Facebook page, publicity, and club award books of evidence.

The annual spring plant sale supports the community by providing low cost plants and gardening items, along with gardening advice.  Monies collected support civic beautification, as well as Natural Disaster USA and Global Partners Running Water.  Natural Disaster USA funds helps replant, restore and beautify public areas that have been damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster.  Global Partners Running Water helps bring safe drinking water to villages in Latin America.

All member are urged to support our plant sale by providing plants, bulbs and seeds; garden items; and baked goods.

The “Pressers” are members interested in learning the Art of Pressed Flower Design.  Collecting, pressing, storing, and design are taught in our monthly workshops.  All items created in workshops are sold and the revenue is included in the club’s budget as income..  Plus, there are opportunities to create educational exhibits and participate in flower show competitions.

Workshops are the first Monday of the month (except for Monday holidays, then we meet on Tuesdays) 9:00 AM-Noon, Lower Allen Township Building.  No experience required.  We always have extra pressed flowers and materials, or you are welcome to come and just observe.

Continuing in our efforts to serve our communities through education, beautification and improvement of our environment, we present a well-balanced schedule of programs at regular meetings, representing the objectives of PCGC, GCFP and NGC.  The Program committee shall schedule members Sharing Your Passion displays for each month..

The club rents a storage unit at Uncle Bobs in Mechanicsburg.  Items owned by the club are stored in this unit.  It is the responsibility of the properties chairman to maintain a current inventory of the club’s physical properties.  Most items in the storage unit are stored by and for the use of specific committees.  If members need to use items in the unit, obtain approval of chairman.  Above members have a key and may transport items when needed.  Any club other than a federated club that requests the use of properties from PCGC may be asked for a donation.  Chairman shall notify treasurer when rental payment is due.  The list of items which are available to members are:

Hospitality:  Cloths, blue trays, silver tea service

Pressers:  Clear boxes of project supplies

Benefit:  Signs, table easels, cash boxes, ticket envelopes, gold raffle boxes, PCGC banner, sign holders, wooden stands, tall columns,

Flower Show:  Totes, clear plastic risers, bottles, Book of Evidence, bed trays, documents

Plant Sale/Garden Tour:  Four tent canopies, card tables, pink aprons

Ways and Means:  Raffle tickets

  PCGC scholarships support local students in studies in Horticulture, Floriculture, Agriculture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Sciences, Conservation, Urban or Regional Planning, Forestry, Botany, or allied plant or ecology related studies.

Also, PCGC members passing courses offered by GCFP and NGC may apply for partial reimbursement.  Scholarships are funded by the Scholarship and Community Projects Benefit.

Greeting cards are provided for members to sign and are mailed out to anyone who is ill, recovering from an accident, sympathy, etc.  Pass the information along to our Sunshine Chairman so she can brighten someone’s day and let them know we are thinking of them.

Travel with PCGC and enjoy new adventures.  December 5 will be a trip to Longwood Gardens.  In the spring Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania.

RAFFLE DONATIONS:  Please check monthly meeting pages.


We will be accepting new or slightly used items in good clean condition with no blemishes for our benefit market at our October meeting.  Boxes will be in the Borough Hall to put your donations.  After that date you may bring them to Dee Titus’s home 5257 Deerfield Avenue, Mechanicsburg, until November 20.  Call first 717-761-0525.  Last year’s benefit had a wide variety of lovely, classy items.  You may also bring items to my car at the FFF fundraiser at HOSS’S on November 16th.


Mark your calendars for the following dates:

  • Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, 5:00 to 9:00 PM, Isaac’s Lemoyne
  • Thursday, Nov. 16, 12:00 to 8:00 PM, Hoss’s, Mechanicsburg, with friends, family or meet with club committee to wrap up business before the benefit.
  • Information for spring FFF events will follow at a later date.


You support PCGC when ordering by phone, catalog or the website.  We earn 25% of all sales that identify PCGC.